The Sphere Of Travel (TSOT2)


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This story is rated 12 as there is a romantic theme and also death, but nothing explicit, it's still a clean story. We find the team of David and John set to adventure out again. This time in an improved sphere and both of them are going to travel together. A new member is introduced to the team, Debbie Gill. Debbie takes over David's role, predicting the location of the black holes. The trip does not go according to plan, but oh no, don't look to me to spill the beans as to what happens, you just have to listen to the story to find out. Oh here's a teaser then, this is not just the one story, this time you get double the value, as it is two stories wrapped up in one book. This one runs into 32 chapters and our test audience just couldn't wait for the next installments to hit their players. In fact they are so keen they already want the next book! Oh yes there will be a final book in the Trilogy.

32 episodes