September 6, 2019 - Falling Knives, Runaway Wives


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Another wishy-washy week, with one Jimmy Bond exception. Hope’s back and already the factory has another disaster to contend with, while Gav tries to come to terms with a dolly having its head ripped off. Sean, who hasn’t had a storyline in a while, decides to appear this week to piss all over Eileen and Jan’s chips. Emma doesn’t like ham or cheese but seems to find some common ground with Steve. The most important thing about Ray’s new restaurant endeavor seems to be shaped more in line with Michelle’s knickers, and Sinead, who has inexplicably become immersed in the beard oil trade and forgotten all about her wedding that’s due to happen in the next 24 hours, is concerned that Daniel is more interested in Bethany and her unpublishable article. Elsewhere, Tim’s Dad thinks he’s Jake La Motta or Robert De Niro: he’s neither, and Craig has a birthday.

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