2186: LegalTech - Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)


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Sergio Esteve De Miguel is the co-founder of Bigle Legal, an innovative legaltech startup from Barcelona. Together with his brother, he wanted to combine their expertise in business and technology to transform the legal industry. Sergio believes technology can change how legal professionals approach their jobs and make their work lives much more enjoyable and productive.

In today's episode, Sergio shares his story, the problems they are trying to solve, the future of legal operations, and how intuitiveness is critical in a contract lifecycle management or tech solution.

About Bigle Legal

Bigle Legal is a Contract Lifecycle Management Software, provides an AI-powered, cloud-based solution that automates the legal operations of a company while improving safety and minimizing the risk of legal contingencies. A pioneer tech company and leader in the field of document automation from Spain, with a presence in the UK, Austria, Netherlands and Italy, and has a network reseller across Europe and Latin America. Its clients include real estate companies, corporations, and large law firms. The platform is precise, flexible, and intuitive, providing full control over the entire document life cycle.

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