1261: Backing Early-Stage B2B Founders Building The Future


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Domenic Perri always believed the journey of building meaningful, authentic, and long-lasting relationships is the most important foundational element of a successful profession and thriving business. Maybe, one of his favorite speakers, Esther Perel, says it best: "The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives."

Domenic's tech journey began at BRAK Systems, working closely with the founder, Robert Herjavec of ABC's "Shark Tank," where we pioneered enterprise cybersecurity in Canada and acquired by AT&T Canada. He joined Vertex US in 2019 to build a foundation of quality relationships and help our early-stage founders accelerate their growth thoughtfully.

Vertex Ventures US Vertex US is an early-stage venture capital firm that backs companies transforming industries through software and data. With investments including LaunchDarkly, PerimeterX, and Desktop Metal, Vertex US brings pioneering experience to pioneering enterprises.

Before Vertex US, he spent his entire career in Corporate Development and Business Development, including at Dropbox, leading a global team responsible for product ecosystem partnerships, go-to-market, and distribution partnerships.

In his career, Don has worked at Juniper Networks as Senior Director of Corporate Development responsible for M&A and partnerships. Before that, he held senior roles at Caymas (acquired by Citrix), and Internet Security Systems (IPO then acquired by IBM for $1.3B). I also wanted to find out more about his time in Tesla's M&A team to lead the integration of Grohmann Automation (700 employees) on-site in Germany.

Domenic shares his tech journey and talks about corp dev strategies for startups as we get accustomed to changing the digital landscape.

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