35: Tuff Juice EP35 - Rex Chapman on race in America, the competitor Michael Jordan and social media.


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12-year veteran NBA shooting guard Rex Chapman talks about race in America, and specifically, BLM and his privilege as a white man growing up in the deep south. Rex takes us step by step through his rise to playing for Kentucky and getting drafted in 8th overall to the new franchise, the Charlotte Hornets. He shares stories of his pro playing days from coming in 3rd in the slam dunk contest, his 'almost' All-Star appearance braking his ankle the same day he was confirmed to making the elite squad, and getting elbowed in the sternum as payback for putting up 38 points on Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls only 2 weeks prior.
The conversation turns to a six years sober Chapman sharing his previous struggles with addiction to pain killers following a surgery he had in retirement which has led him to be a beacon of light for those who find themselves in a similar situation. Lastly, they discuss Rex's social media boom to full blown influencer status as a random tweet of his about dolphins paved the way for his meme 'Block or Charge' to become an internet sensation and TV show.

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