Tuff Juice EP26 - Luis Guzmán on self-reliance, healthy living, and the attitude that leads to success


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Luis Guzmán is one of the most beloved and prolific character actors of all time, with standout roles in films like Carlito’s Way, Boogie Nights, and Out of Sight, and in TV shows like Oz, How to Make It in America, Code Black, and Narcos. On this episode of “The Tuff Juice Podcast,” Luis talks to Caron Butler about his life during the pandemic, having loved ones working at hospitals in NYC, what he’s learned about survival and being self-reliant, farming and choosing a healthier diet and lifestyle, valuing science and nature over politics, the attitude that has led to his career success, and more. More than a mere entertainer, Luis drops knowledge, so pay attention and wise up!

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