Gymnasiedag: Women’s role in the peacebuilding of Iraq


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Hear Yasmin Chilmeran, research fellow at UI, describe what role women play, and have played in the peace building process of Iraq, how we can best understand or see women’s contributions, and what role women play in the shaping of the Iraqi political agenda today. After listening to the lecture you will be able to answer the following questions: - What roles are there in peacebuilding? - What has changed in the ways that women engage in the peacebuilding process in Iraq since the Arab spring? - What can the international community do? Det här är en föreläsning från Gymnasiedagarna som UI arrangerar i samarbete med Sveriges biståndsmyndighet Sida. Mer information om Gymnasiedagarna och fler föreläsningar finns på Lyssnat? Fyll i vår utvärderingsenkät och hjälp oss planera kommande gymnasiedagar:

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