19. Finding compassion in my younger self with Katelyn Kendrick


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Here’s my big question for you: why is it so much easier to show compassion for someone else than it is to show it to yourself?

Today our storyteller, Katelyn Kendrick, who I talked to way back in February when I was still pregnant…is going to share their very personal journey, one that involves her growing up as a super feeler in an addicted home, how they experienced trauma both in the home and outside of it, and how that impacted their ability to see herself and treat herself with compassion. In their story they will talk about how Acceptance and Commitment Therapy taught her how to take perspective on her story and how that has slowly shaped not only an understanding of their life and trauma, but an even stronger sense of who she is and what she wants to be about.


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Our guest today was Katelyn Kendrick, a mother, neurodiversity-affirming behavior analyst, a fierce advocate for children, and a lover of animals, cooking, musical theater…Katelyn lives their life at the intersection of multiple identities including being neurodivergent, disabled, bisexual, and a non-binary femme. You can find her on Instagram @antiracistbehavioranalyst. Read her blog post titled, “My story is mine, but I know it is not unique.”

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