091: Emotions


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This week we talk about emotions, how we deal with them, both unhealthy and healthy ways, aaaaaaand Han has the weirdest laugh of her life. This topic is one we REALLY want your input on, so please - send a message or an email, leave a voice mail, comment on Insta! We wanna know your thoughts on this one! Han’s Recommendations Unroll.me Instagram.com/wldernessa Buffalo Cauliflower: https://pin.it/cjolqf3tvm3fhj We would love to hear from you!!! Leave us a voicemail at: 1(805) 242-6559 Instagram: @thewayfampodcast Like us on: facebook.com/thewayfam If you have questions or suggestions or jokes or ideas, ask us at: thewayfam.tumblr.com or email us at thewayfampodcast@gmail.com we love ya!! xoxo

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