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On this episode I sat with Head Sugar Slinger Melissa Wedman. CEO of this fantastic caramel and toffee candy company which starts out of her fathers love for caramel. GO BUY HER CANDY! Follow her on instagram @mollycoddledhashslinger


While we'd love to tell you that our story began in the early 1900's at our Head Sugar Daddy's great-uncle Andrew Wedman & great-uncle Ralph Lawson's Palace Confectionery in Yukon, OK (shown above)...we can't.Our vision has grown into the American dream of one day opening a brick-and-mortar location in our hometown of Yukon, OK. It was businesses like the Palace Confectionery that molded communities across the nation into what they are today. The businesses that made America great were the businesses that people drove from town to town to visit. The businesses that made America great were the businesses that relied on each other for survival, especially during tough times. Those businesses gave our nation the heartbeat we're often missing today. Our goal is to bring those qualities back to the communities we serve today.As we share our beginning and who we are today below, a few things will remain as the foundation of Mollycoddled Hash Slinger-- We will always source supplies and ingredients from other small businesses, especially those in our local community. We will always hand-craft our candies just as was done in the early years of our great nation. We will always provide you with candy that truly leaves an impression whether for yourself or as a gift. Above all, we will always work hard to provide you with a piece of the American dream.This podcast is made possible by the Made in Oklahoma Program. Created for Oklahoma’s entrepreneurs, their free-to-join program focuses on economic growth and development for small businesses who grow, process or manufacture a good within Oklahoma. Retail stores who sell Made in Oklahoma products can also benefit from being in their program. Above all, they encourage you to support and shop local whenever possible. Find them on Facebook or visit their website at to learn more.

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