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This is a lovely little SwapCast with Tom O'Mahony where we get deep about what success means; what it like to be a working entertainer; what the fuck is going on in the USA according to two low information Paddy Muck Savages :D and a load of great chats!
Check out Tom's podcast called Buckshot where he does interviews with loads of celebrities, sports personalities, comedians, musicians and many more interesting folks! You can check out the podcast here on Tom's website www.tomomahonycomedy.com or here http://www.tomomahony.com/podcast/ and you can check him out anywhere online with this link https://pod.link/1220802943 and you can check out his very full featured Patreon page here https://www.patreon.com/tomomahonybuckshot
These are also a few of Tom's own personal favourite episodes you can check out here:
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So enjoy this episode, it might be the last SwapCast/Interview of the year and there are two True Crime episodes coming before New Year! :)
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