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On this episode I chat with podcast legend Greg Carlwood from the mighty Higherside Chats and we get into it about current events including the rona and the coming vax issues facing our society; the election (which was upcoming at the time of recording); and where the US is heading in this current binary bipartisan and diametrically opposed culture we seem to find ourselves in.
Greg has researched and then spoken to some of the finest minds of our time and his show is unreal. Im a fan for more than 7 years and his interviews are by far some of the best in podcasting! The guests and depth of knowledge Greg gleans from them means that he would have to learn a thing or two on the way and in this interview I try to find out where his info is coming from and we both check our sources.
Hope you enjoy this one and sorry for the delay in release; I got a bit poorly there! :( Its all explained in the intro!
You can find all the Higherside Chats info, merch, tickets, shows and other content here at the website which includes the THC+ program; which is a subscription to THC where you get a whole extra hour of every interview! Its one of my favourite podcasts and Im still listening after 7 years; top level guests and Greg is an absolute legend! Get listening on any and all podcast apps.
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