Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture with Yvette Pegues


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“Diversity without inclusion is exclusion. So to ignore and to believe that there is no culture is excluding the opportunity to bring someone into a new culture or a living, breathing culture.”

As a project manager, you’re in a unique position to shape company culture. So how can you use that influence to build a diverse and inclusive workplace? It starts with the way you show up for and lead your team.

In this episode of Time Limit, Brett talks with Yvette Pegues—a DE&I executive and keynote speaker and the cofounder and CEO of Your Invisible Disability Group—about how to create an organizational culture that’s intentional about diversity and inclusion.

Listen to their conversation to learn:

  • What role project managers play in defining company culture
  • How to foster a sense of belonging on your team and why it’s important
  • Actionable ideas for breaking down barriers to inclusion in your organization
  • How remote work affects workplace culture and inclusion
  • Tactical tips for creating an inclusive team culture, even when everyone’s remote

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