Episode 4: How mosquitoes choose their mates


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Mosquitoes and Sound: Love is in the air and there is more to that buzz than you might expect, but can you really use your phone as a mosquito repellent?

This male mosquito is glued to a pin in the same manor as in the cantor study. This video is part of the art installation "Truce: Strategies for Post-Apocalyptic Comptation" by Robin Meier and Ali Momeni - http://robin.meier.free.fr/site/?page_id=38

One of the really great things about the studies that I present in this episode are that the researchers created these fantastic videos with interviews and demonstrations of how they actually conducted the experiments. They also published media that went along with their study.

Check out the tone generator I used to demonstrate the mosquito sounds.

If you are interested in the use of ultrasound as a mosquito repellent, the BBC did a story on it.

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