the REAL Deal: David Rodigan vs King Addies, Round 2 of 5


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Titan VCD & Red Bull Music Academy the REAL Deal: HIS.STORY DAVID RODIGAN vs KING ADDIES Saturday 1 May 2010 at St. John's Trinidad "the REAL Deal" Rounds ROUND 1: 20 mins each ROUND 2: 15 mins each ROUND 3: 15 mins each (strictly vocals) ROUND 4: 10 mins each ROUND 5: Dub fi Dub (10 tunes each) In Round 1 to Round 4, the winner will receive 2 points. In Round 5 (Dub fi Dub) each win will be 1 point. The Sound with the most points at the end wins "the REAL Deal" Clash & Trophy

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