Right Mind, Wrong Spectrum: With Michelle Alleva


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Michelle Alleva is a Canadian woman who lived as a transman for 10 years before being assessed and diagnosed with ASD and ADHD. She shares her story of transitioning within the Informed Consent Model of care, and her eventual detransition.

Michelle's Blog: https://somenuanceplease.substack.com/p/detransition-diary-5

WPATH Standards of Care: https://www.wpath.org/publications/soc

Sasha Ayad on YouTube: https://youtu.be/wx46iO8mVGQ

Autism and GD article: https://4w.pub/autism-puberty-gender-dysphoria-view-from-an-autistic-desisted-woman/

Robert Lifton: https://freedomofmind.com/robert-jay-liftons-eight-criteria-of-thought-reform-brainwashing-mind-control/


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