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Next: Trauma #21: @swarmintelligence live 24.11.2018 Past dates: Trauma #01: @shxcxchcxsh live 30.05.2015 Trauma #02: @cassegrain live 18.07.2015 Trauma #03: Kareem live 24.10.2015 Trauma #04 @ascion live 18.12.2015 Trauma #05: @stanislavtolkachev live 06.02.2016 Trauma #06: @talkersound live 02.04.2016 AAMM: Trauma Crew 21.5.2016 Trauma #07: @zosima live 23.7.2016 Trauma #08: @codexempire live 15.10.2016 Trauma Collective @ Synth 20.11.16 Trauma #09: @blush-response live 10.12.16 Trauma #10: @sstromsound live, @Lofthaus live 03.02.17 Trauma #11: @OAKE live, @Zosima live, @domenicocrisci 25.02.17 Trauma #12: @soesgunverryberg live 18.03.17 Trauma #13: @ballistic_delusions live + @noparfum live 06.05.2017 Trauma #14: residents night, 01.07.2017 Trauma #15: @samkdc live, 02.12.2017 Trauma #16: @mick-harris-390132372 as Fret live 27.01.2018 Trauma #17: @ntogn 17.03.2018 Trauma #18 @kwartz - @sabinogonzalez 14.04.18 Trauma #19: @svreca 05.05.18 Trauma #20 @the-wire-alliance live 02.06.18 ____________________________________________ T R A U M A [SP] El pensamiento de trauma va en una dirección concisa: Música electrónica orientada a la pista de baile, al puro hedonismo de cada individuo en clave Techno. Tratando de ofrecer su panorámica visión del género desde sus inicios hasta el 4x4 más actual. Trauma se presenta con un discurso negro, visceral y profundo dónde se invita al clubber tanto al baile como a la introspección. [EN] The thought of Trauma goes in a specific way, electronic music oriented to the dance floor. Its purpose is to get pure hedonism of each other among the audience in a Techno key, trying to offer a panoramic view of this genre from its beginnings to the latest 4x4. Trauma comes with a black, visceral and deep discourse where the clubbers are invited as much as to dance as to an individual introspection.

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