EP29 Confronting cancer head on w/Anta Supomo


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It's Bowel Cancer awareness month so absolutely fitting to have Anta on to share his story and give advice from what he's learned along the way.
Take a moment to acknowledge Anta Supomo and the path he's been walking.
For many years now, Anta's been having to face cancer with all the hardship it brings on a daily basis, and the tremendous ability with how he handles it blew me away. The strength and courage of this fella are truly immeasurable, and it was an absolute pleasure to sit with him and have this amazing chat as he told his story.
Anta's advice...go get checked out if you're of the age or even if you’re suffering any strange symptoms. We all must take responsibility for our own health!
For more information www.bowelcanceraustralia.org

Repeat... if you have persistent gut issues see your doctor and if they persist, see your doctor again, or see a different doctor! Do not get brushed off!

Please follow Anta's blog below and share far and wide as his message is important and you never know who hit may help!

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