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How do you find your purpose? Many (including myself) believe we are all here with an ingrained life purpose — a mission or reason for existing in this time and place. For me, it started as a tug or whisper that there was something I was supposed to be doing to raise the vibe of the community. Meeting Jayne Sanders was a blessing and beacon on this journey to finding my purpose.

First, what is hand analysis? The lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain; the system was developed over 40 years analyzing over 30,000 hands; it is used by neurologists, therapists, coaches; no predictions involved. Jayne discusses how she interprets the links and marks in your hands and fingers to reveal your innate purpose, special gifts, and blind spots for the purpose of guiding you into the inspired meaning, passion, and fulfillment you crave in life and work. While talking with Jayne this idea intrigued me enough that I decided to go through the process myself. After receiving my kit in the mail, I carefully captured my handprints and sent them back to Jayne. Our analysis calls really blew my mind.

Everything she was saying was spot on. She knew my strengths and weaknesses. And they weren't just general things that could be applied to everyone. They were very specific issues that I tend to struggle with — laid out in front of me as if I wrote them myself. I couldn't believe how my hands could tell her all these details. The cumulative analysis and life purpose at the end that was clarified for me rings true with everything I have felt at my core. I walked away from this experience with bold confidence that the direction I am headed in is not just correct but backed by proof.

I know we don't need permission from something else to move in a direction, but sometimes a little nudge or guidance helps. That's what this analysis has done for me. I knew which way I wanted to turn, I just wasn't sure if I could or should. It was another limb on the tree to my growth and I'm so thankful to Jayne for the guidance and clarity.

If you would like to connect with Jayne she is offering our audience a discount on her Scientific Hand Analysis package. Visit her unicorn page on to get the discount link. Or click here to book your session.

A bit about Jayne Sanders: Jayne is a Scientific Hand Analyst, as well as a Life Coach in the areas of Purpose, Spiritual, and Law of Attraction. She has been featured in FORBES with an article about her work. Jayne Sanders helps leaders, business owners, and managers love their lives and their work.

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