The teacher is always the student


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I'm never going to say I'm perfect. As a matter of fact perfection is not something I strive for. Aligned action and joy seeking is much more my style. So I was surprised when I was trying to write an email for this course that I'm about to launch and it took me 2 weeks and many tears and tons of conversations about how I didn't know what I was writing and how it sounded awful and should I even be doing this and what am I thinking and who am I to have these conversations and who am I to inspire people to change... You see the problem... And it's actually all came to a head this morning when I was writing content for one of my Instagram reels and realized oh my gosh I am my obstacle right now. Have you felt like this before have you found yourself being your own block? I'm sure we've all found ourselves in those places and here's how I dealt with it. With a little bit of humility and a lot of support from my tribe I was able to finally get past it this morning. Take a listen to the episode and let me know what you think is this you? What are your tips and tricks for getting through these moments? --- Support this podcast:

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