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In this podcast, we have with us Asheesh Chatterjee who is the CFO and Chief Business Officer at Reliance Broadcast Limited.

Making sense out of chaos is the biggest challenge facing managers today. This episode takes a quick dive into the acronyms VUCA and BANI which are used to explain the ecosystem that we live in.
Chaos is the new normal. What skills and characteristics should we build to survive and thrive int this new normal? Asheesh explains it in this podcast.
CPA Australia magazine has an interesting article that focuses on Diversifying the sources of supply; which showcases that no business or industry is safe from disruption
Our guest explores these concepts and also explains how it applies to an individual or a finance professional.

Can the quantitative and qualitative risk mapping tool by CIMA reduce this anxiety?

Asheesh also discusses the need to become a T shaped employee with deep knowledge and skills in a particular area of specialization, along with the ability to make connections across different disciplines. not just to survive, but to thrive in the gig economy of tomorrow.

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