Meditation in the Midst of Gems


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Episode Notes

Episode 6: Meditation in the mist of Gems

32 flavors of any type of bubble gum would fall short of how flavorful this episode was with unicorn guest Cydney CAMP. She dropped a series of gems for all fellow Unicorns. CAMP proved that she’s not regular degular but she’s what we would call a Studious Unicorn. Ms. Dobbins and EpisodeErin were definitely inspired by CAMP and all she unpacked during this gem dropping session.

Unicorns Are Real is art. We are two quirky like-minded, yet very different young adult females (Asia aka “Miss Dobbins”/ Erin aka Pineapple or The Quirky Natural) exploring ALL aspects of art. A Unicorn is an artist--a one of a kind individual--with the compassion to create for oneself. We are Unicorns with a passion to construct art that will display our innerselves. Erin is well versed in various art forms such as painting, drawing, and poetry, but she excels in all things digital; her abilities behind the camera and on Adobe software are outstanding. Miss Dobbins is the complete opposite, she has little training in anything technological, but she thrives with a paintbrush and/or piece of charcoal. Miss Dobbins also dabbles in poetry, ink, and film photography. Our conversations will be with some of Detroit and the Metropolitan area’s most poppin’, upcoming, and flyest Unicorns. We want the public to obtain some insight on the life of a Unicorn; various obstacles, mental health, favorite artists, pleasurable segments, and good conversations will be the core of the Unicorns Are Real Podcast.

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