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What book has influenced the way that you think about your approach to your life and finding clarity to the things that you do?

Mike introduces a new topic that Unpacking Design will start focusing on in 2021 – books. Mike and Tim will bring several books to the table and talk about how they’ve inspired their life, career, and projects. The first book in this series will be Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Starting off the discussion, Mike shares his personal experience of how the book, Start with Why, helped him get through his period of burnout. He gives a summary of Simon Sinek and his book to give context to the conversation. He describes a specific example that Sinek gives in his book and Ted Talk about Apple and how they don’t sell a product, they sell an idea.

Tim shares his thoughts on Sinek’s Ted Talk and his book by talking about the ways that the companies that were discussed in his writing has influenced the way that Tim thinks about his approach to business and life. Mike shares why he pursues all of the endeavors in his life and the impact he wants to have in the design community and the world.

The transition the discussion to the self-development movement that followed Sinek’s book where a lot of other books focus on similar ideas, but aren’t as articulate as Sinek’s. They talk about the way that the book was written, the examples that were used, and the logical explanation of each chapter of the book.

Learn more about Start with Why by Simon Sinek and how it can influence your approach to life, career, and projects in this episode.

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