Unsilent Women


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Welcome to the Unsilent Women podcast! What it means to be a woman in the world today, like everything else, is pretty confusing. A muddled mix of old ideas and new realities that don’t quite fit. It's like opening a trunk of old clothes and realizing you didn't have great fashion sense!MeToo, Lean-in, Girlboss, Keeping up with the Kardashians and scrolling through Instagram. Is any of this helpful? Harmful? Join writer and host Poorva Misra-Miller as she tackles topics of race, gender, equity, problematic tropes, outdated advice, and new cultural realities with a diverse set of guests — through bingeable chat, personal essays, and pop culture fanaticism. This bi-weekly podcast is your dose of unconventional wisdom, strong opinions, and obnoxious puns. So pop in those earbuds and settle in. Things could get bumpy, but we'll get there together. Let's go!

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