Up a River explicit


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Lisa Cathcartt, believes in big, beautiful, ecstatic love. Correction: she believes in the kind of love that is big, beautiful, and fart-free. Her husband died when they were young, so she only got the very best of him. After his death, besides taking care of her kids, she relied on romance novels, specifically ones by lauded and bawdy author, Candace Bigbush, to scratch her romance itch. So, when her adult children gifted her a cruise on the Romantic Rhine - with the famed author who will show her and fifty others the amazing locations that inspired her seminal book, The Hero and the Heroine – she can’t turn it down. The romantic Rhine and little push from the author help Lisa open up to new possibilities, new places, and potentially new love: like the tall, dark, handsome Captain Dalton. Dalton, until this point, has been married to the sea - or river - depending on what ship he’s piloting. Yet, as retirement looms on the horizon he is forced to think about what is beyond the bow for his life. Could it be love? Could it be Lisa? Could it be tying himself to an anchor because getting old sucks?

9 episodes