Nordic leadership - Juha Ristolainen


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Juha is the engineering lead at Transferwise. Juha is a Computer Science graduate who has spent the past 20 years working in IT and the last 30 programming. He spent the first decade of his career building a consultancy in Finland which in time brought him to the UK and Germany. In this period Juha learned most of his programming and project management skills. Ever since then he’s been doing more management and CTO type roles in different companies. His varied career has seen him work in startups, become a member of a few corporate innovation units and now he’s an engineering lead at Transfer Wise which is a London based Fintech unicorn. But he’d call it a double unicorn because it's actually profitable. At TransferWise Juha leads 6 teams that are focused around the companies business customers. Transferwise was traditionally a consumer-focused company but in the last few years, they’ve started focusing on what their business customers would need. Juha’s team is working on all the features necessary for business customers like cross border payments and cross-currency payments.

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