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From corporate employee to full-time entrepreneur, Dana James Mwangi's journey began within Parkway Village community in southeast Memphis, Tennessee. Dana describes herself as that "art kid" during her formative years. After graduating college, Dana jumped right into the world of digital design working a few corporate gigs learning the tricks of the trade. She also freelanced at the time building clientele that would help her pivot into entrepreneurship. As a result, Cheers Creative was born in addition to the birth of her first child. Take a listen as Dana talks through the challenges she faced once she made that major pivot. Although the digital design world is cutthroat, Dana was able to persevere and make major strides. She's currently building a "Virtual Tulsa" through her Google Digital Coach partnership helping her local Memphis community with free digital training and coaching. Dana also drops a plethora of gems for aspiring entrepreneurs stating that simplicity and ease should be treasured in the early phases of starting a business. She even dives deep into her outlook for the digital landscape over the next ten years which consists of unrelentless transparency.

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