100: Obakeng Leseyane-An advocate for access to quality education, founder of Ed Connect Labs


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At the age of fourteen Obakeng won a scholarship to the prestigious Bishop's School in Cape Town and his life changed forever.
Since then he has studied for his A-levels at the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg and later this year he begins a degree in economics in the USA. He is a busy young man.
Obakeng is an advocate for access to quality education and an ethical public service. He plans to go into government once he has finished his studies as he says he has seen too many friends let down one or another but non-functioning state institutions.
But what a cool young man. We chatted about the need to transform the way we think about education in South Africa, the way teach, and the role of schools in their communities.
He also spoke about the importance of involving parents education, and the importance of teachers who are inspiring and committed beyond simply teaching the curriculum.
Obakeng also spoke about the experience of private schools and how that process detached him in a way from his childhood friends and experience
We also spoke abut the the current political system in South Africa and the need for better civic and voter education in so people understand better how the political system works, and how they can make it work for them.

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