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60% of Volcano Bakemeat Radio have been way too into Stardew Valley recently and with the building of Grant’s PC we’re about to bump that up to 80%, so simulators have been on our minds recently.

This week, we devote an hour to everything from Forza to Goat Simulator 2015. We talk about what draws us to simulators, what makes a simulator good, if they’re doomed to be casual (and really is that so bad?), and the deceptively simple question: what is a simulator anyway?


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Links and games mentioned in the show

Euro Truck Simulator: Steam, Website

Game Dev Tycoon: Steam, Website

Goat Simulator: Steam, Wikipedia

Habitica: Google Play Store, iTunes Store, Website

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Steam (Contains pixel art nudity, but does not make you feel as weird as the name implies)

Stardew Valley: Website, Steam

Surgeon Simulator 2013: Steam, Website

Tomadachi Life: Website, Amazon

Hidden Brain episode about not achieving your goals through positive thinking

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