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Episode 5 is about "Rethinking Academic Reward Systems" and is recorded on March 14th 2019, at the VU Library Live Talkshow, organised by the University Library. VU Library Live is a talk show and podcast featuring interviews with VU researchers, VU lecturers and field experts about new developments in academia. We will also discuss what support and advice the University Library can provide in each area. This Episode is about science in transition towards more fair reward and evauation system, and its implications for young career researchers during that transistion period. Our guests are Prof. Stan Gielen (President of NWO), Dr. Barbara Braams (Assistant Professor, VU), Dr. Jutka Halberstadt (Assistant Professor, VU) and Prof. Frank Miedema (Dean and Vice-president of the Executive Board, Utrecht University Medical center). The full transcript you can find below. Library services: Did you know that more than 22 thousand patents and policy reports are using research from the VU and VU Medical Center to make new technologies and helping governments and NGO's making decisions based on facts? Curious about if your articles are used in patents, the world health organisation, the IPCC, the guardian or time magazine? The VU Library offers a free Altmetric Explorer service for VU University and VU Medical Center researchers. This will help you gain more insight into how your research is getting use by society, and to bring something else in the conversation with your evaluators, other than the usual. For a quick guide go to http://bit.ly/vu-social-attention When you want to showcase more than only your publications, you can try adding datasets, software, policy reports, lectures, public speeches to your PURE profile. Go to research.vu.nl or research.vumc.nl , scroll down to the bottom and login. Find more Library Live podcasts at http://bit.ly/vu-library-live Please share this podcast with your friends and colleagues, give us a nice rating, subscribe, and till next time. Music by Blue Dot Sessions, Skittle, Rodney Skopes http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Blue_Dot_Sessions/Skittle/Rodney_Skopes Genre: Podcast Track number: 5 (episode number) Copyright: CC-BY VU Library Live | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Copyright URL: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/nl/deed.en

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