22. AAAS 2021: Stephan Lewandowsky on Science Denial (U. of Bristol)


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We’ve spent the past couple decades trying to get through to climate skeptics, but WHY exactly are conspiracy theories so credible for some people? This week, Nature N8 chats with Professor Stephan Lewandowsky about the psychological nature of science denialism. Professor Lewandowsky is the chair of Cognitive Psychology at the School of Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol. He has studied people’s belief in conspiracy theories, disinformation surrounding the Iraq War, and public opinion on climate change. This episode was recorded at the AAAS annual meeting in Seattle on February 15, 2020. After listening to this episode, WASTE not your time convincing science deniers, WHY not have more conversations with people who actually care about what you have to say?

Check out Professor Lewandowsky’s NEW Conspiracy Handbook (2020). His Debunking Handbook (2011) available in 13 languages here!

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