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WE Talk is a podcast that explores the role of Waldorf Education in helping children, parents, and families thrive in an ever-changing world. WE Talk is brought to you by Shining Mountain Waldorf School and hosted by Nita June Davanzo. ABOUT THE HOST Nita June Davanzo is a Waldorf School graduate, attending SMWS from K-12. After studying Theater and English at Barnard College, Nita worked as actor, director, violinist, and teacher in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boulder and Santa Barbara. She holds an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University and is the Creative Director and Founder of DogStar Theater Company. When not directing, Nita works with both young adults and adults as a counselor and life coach. As host of WE Talk, Nita brings her skills and experience with performance together with her passion for supporting others to find their purpose in the world. Introduction music for all episodes was created by SoundDotCom.com.

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