E09 - Flipping, Wholesaling and other strategies with Luc Boiron


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In our time together, Luc and I discuss the following:

  • Growing up in a real estate family with 5 siblings

  • Getting into real estate full time in 2016

  • Buying his first property at 18 years (rooming house at Jane and Finch)

  • Getting an MBA and law degree in university, being called to the bar

  • Creating a business around flipping homes

  • Learning to renovate on his own

  • Completing 2 flips during his articling

  • Investing in real estate allowed him to pay off his student debt while in school

  • Financing through private lenders and MICs
  • Flipping, wholesaling and whole-tailing

  • Luc's investment criteria

  • The benefits of flipping through a corporation

  • Mitigating risk during an assignment by finding a great deal

  • Building a team: acquisitions manager and admin

  • Outbound marketing: adwords, kijiji, mailings and print marketing

  • Buying 1 house per 100 incoming calls

  • Most effective marketing: long term SEO (organic results)

  • His idea of financial freedom
  • How to get lending on a flip because banks won't

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