02. Mental Health; Are you attached to the labels?


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It's mental health awareness months so we felt to share about our own personal experiences. From having a child who's attempted to take her life, to personal experiences of being diagnosed as bi-polar. We hope that our stories and perspectives assist you in your journey if this hits close to home.
This episode is a bit more vulnerable as we both share personal experiences around mental health, suicide, labels of bi-polar, borderline personality disorder, shame and more.
Jessica shares her story of what she has experienced with her daughter through cutting, suicide attempts, the toll on her family and her relationship and the difficulty of knowing what to do and who to talk to. Speaking from a very vulnerable place Jessica shares the shame and guilt she carried as a mother to protect her child.
Amanda shares her personal story of being diagnosed as bi-polar at 19 years old, dealing with that label, the medications, etc only to recognize years later that she was mis-diagnosed.
We hope that as we share our stories it will create some comfort or some much needed suggestions that you are looking for. Welcome to the conversation.

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