#75 -- HEALTHCARE AND HILLARY -- Not Entirely "What Happened!!" 


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We tell Hillary Clinton "What Happened" because apparently nobody else will. In plain black and white, Clinton unwittingly exposes PRECISELY what happened by delivering a memoir which includes the kind of deception and divisiveness that turned the Democratic Party against its core values, all for the sake of serving the interests of Queen Clinton and her donor class. Yes, in plain black and white... but you'll see red after hearing her accusations against Bernie and the way blame is projected onto everyone -- except herself. Clinton must be jealous she's never possessed the prescience of Bernie Sanders, because the very Single Payer program Clinton predicted will (her quote) "never, ever come to pass" less than two years ago now has 16 prominent Democratic co-sponsors in the Senate. Bernie Sanders was ridiculed by corporate media (and corporate Democrats) for insisting that if enough people stand together they can implement fundamental change. But of course, Bernie is proven right again, as the same Democrats who wouldn't support his Single Payer bill in 2013 proudly sign on and speak out in favor of health care as right. Amidst all the donor-driven angst emerges a glimmer of hope, so continue fighting for what is right. The Political Revolution is alive and well--it must be if even the Democratic Party itself is Feeling the Bern!! The What Would Bernie Sanders Do Podcast is Dr. Barry Kaufman with Host Darren Stephens, produced in Chicago by Ruth Kaufman. Information on the podcast is supported by the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/whatwouldberniesandersdo/. Learn more about how you can advocate for change in healthcare by going to https://www.healthcare-now.org. Find us on Twitter and Instagram @wwbsdpodcast. Music by Robin Bienemann http://robinb.org/music.html.

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