5. Pandemic poems - with crowdsourced voices


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In the early part of the pandemic, early summer 2020, we ran a series of #VirtualWhoseShoes sessions, sharing innovative best practice during the pandemic and exploring the particular challenges faced by different groups of people. The work was influential and led to a lot of interesting speaker opportunities, as well as helping people ( including us!) realise that we could keep our core business going and enabling us to run adapt our workshops among them online.
You can read the report here: https://fabnhsstuff.net/fab-stuff/the-whose-shoes-phenomenon-a-catalyst-for-change-in-health-and-social-care
Today I have collected some of the most popular ones – using poems to tell the story of the pandemic. I hope you enjoy listening – and possibly even more I can imagine as listening to this episode in a few years time. I wonder what memories it will evoke?
Key lemon lightbulbs include … 🍋💡🍋

  • Let’s hang onto the best things we discovered during the pandemic
  • No hierarchy just people.
  • Teamwork and valuing everybody
  • The power of community
  • Cutting through the bureaucracy to make things happen quickly for the benefit of patients
  • Valuing key workers; realising how we are all connected and interdependent
  • Being grateful to people who keep us safe and for the risks they are taking
  • Awareness of deep inequalities and wanting a fairer society
  • Nature and other simple pleasures
  • (Missing) getting together in person and having hugs

How much are you still appreciating and determined to hang onto these, for ourselves and for others, as the world opens up?
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