WISDOM AT WORK: : Older Women, Elderwomen, Grandmothers on the Move!


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Hi, I’m Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, your host of WISDOM AT WORK: : Older Women, Elderwomen, Grandmothers on the Move!, the podcast that kicks old stereotypes to the curb! Come meet these creative, outrageous, authentic, adventurous, irreverent and powerful Disrupters and Influencers. Older Women, Elderwomen, Grandmothers – from the living room to the courtroom – making powerful contributions in every walk of life. We know them most intimately as loving caregivers, the older women in our lives with a thousand stories about their grandchildren and pictures in their purses…. In this podcast, you’ll come to know even more about our Older Women, Elderwomen, Grandmothers - they are galvanized, determined and are guaranteed to get you thinking! What drives them? What are they up to? What is the potential of Older Women, Elderwomen, Grandmother power, and how is it changing the world?! WISDOM AT WORK: : Older Women, Elderwomen, Grandmothers are on the move...you don’t want to be left behind!

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