Reflecting on 2021: What I’m Proud Of & Future Goals


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I can’t believe we are in the second half of 2021 already. So much has happened, yet I cannot keep up with the time because I am constantly go, go, go, go. All that being said, I really wanted to carve out some time to reflect on this year so far and think about what I want my intentions and mindset to be for the remainder of it. It only seemed right to involve y’all in this thought process! I covered two major topics in this episode - my personal/mental health journey and motherhood this year. I walked you through what I’ve accomplished that I’m most proud of and my new goals! I really encourage you all to try this for yourselves. As always, I discovered new things about myself as I did this plus felt like I had my own productive therapy session. P.S. DM me your oatmeal recipes (not sludgy...textures...) and parenting books you love on IG xo

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