Bam Bam Pete Way Tribute


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As PETE WAY (UFO/Waysted) used to say "Save Your Prayers". My Special Guest Drummer Johnny Dee (Waysted/BritnyFox/Doro) called in from Germany to my 10p Hair Pair to express his sorrow ,and reminisce about Pete, and his time spent with him in Waysted. Pete was a real true Rock N Roller, The Keith Richards of Bass.He hung his Gibson Thunderbird way low, always looked so cool.He was always rebellious ad outrageous. He inspired/influenced many including Nikki Sixx, Steve Harris, Brian Wheat, Produced Twisted Sister's Under The Blade Record and put the WAY in Fastway! We paid tribute to the late Pete Way by playing UFO's Cherry. Listen to Johnny express his sorrow and reminisce about his time playing with Pete in Waysted. Pete Way sadly passed away August 14,2020. Following the death of his other bandmate Paul "Tonka" Chapman from UFO/Waysted on June 9th. Prayer's, Condolences and a Big Tour Hug go out to Johnny, as well as the family, and fans of Pete Way and Paul Chapman and Paul Raymond who we also lost earlier this year. That is now 3 from The UFO Alumni .Thanks for calling in Johnny Dee ...Thank you for listening and UFO/Waysted Music will live on forever. R.I.P.

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