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Every business owner needs to learn the value of a cold pitch - and above that, how and who to deliver your cold pitches to. Once you have this practice down, business opportunities will really start opening up to you. But if there’s one thing so many women in business are hesitant about: it’s the cold pitch.

But you just need to get over it.

That fear that’s holding you back from making the cold pitch is preventing your business from growing. I’m telling you the secret to how to get that little negative voice in your head to finally shut up.

First of all, you have to decide who you want to work with, be they companies or individuals, that you’re actually going to enjoy working with. This is a big part of why we choose a niche. You want to love what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for.

You don’t want to be shouting into the wide expanse of the business world. Not everyone is going to want to work with you - and not everyone should work with you. Plus, you can’t physically pitch to every single business out there.

So how do you make the perfect cold pitch? Find those companies you’d love to work with, figure out who is the best person there to make the pitch to, and show them how working with you will benefit them. The pitch is not about you!

Finally, we’re talking about what to do when someone says “no” to your cold pitch. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone! But every no is a new opportunity awaiting you.

Are you comfortable making a cold pitch? Do you know who you want to work with? How can you stand out from your oversaturated business market?

In This Episode:

  • Why you need to just get over it and get the word out about your business
  • How to quiet the negative voice in your head
  • Why you need to work with people and businesses you actually enjoy working with
  • Who you should send your pitch to
  • Why you shouldn’t pitch every single business you ever come across
  • How you can stand out from an oversaturated market
  • Why your pitch shouldn’t be about you and your business
  • How you can appeal to your cold pitches by showing how you would value the potential client
  • What you should remember when you hear “no” from a potential client


“Even if your client is a brand or a company, there’s still a person that you’re going to need to get to to pitch.” (4:05)

“Work with people in business you’re actually going to enjoy working with. When you enjoy working with them, you’ll perform better, you’ll enjoy it more, your quality of work is better. It’s overall a better experience for both of you.” (4:29)

“Don’t market your services with a one-size-fits-all approach. When you’re reaching out to potential businesses to pitch your services, do your research.” (7:40)

“The magic happens in the pitch follow-up. And follow-up until you hear the word ‘no’.” (18:15)


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