96: How to Identify People's Points of Resistance with Lisa Cron


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Jason Hartman talks with Lisa Cron, author of the new book Story or Die, about how we really make decisions, why humans are so impacted by stories, and how to identify the parts of your story that can impact those you're trying to reach.

Key Takeaways:

[0:55] We are wired for stories. Stories sway us more than facts

[4:04] We like to think that we make decisions logically and objectively, but it's just not true

[8:20] Our brain's great leap forward came when nature realized if we were going to thrive on this planet we needed to work together

[13:31] How to identify your target group's points of resistance

[17:35] Telling a person a truth they don't already believe will just make them angry. You have to guide them to discover the truth themselves





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