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Hi everyone! Thank you for joining me for #74 of the Work in Progress podcast. I decided to go solo this episode and highlight some essential parts to my morning routine.

Here they are:

Free Writes: these free writes are basically a mind dump where you write down any thoughts for 10 or 15 minute. I've found that they've helped me identify to-dos I forgot about, allow me to write down my thoughts and emotions, and overall allow me to start my day with a clear head.

5 Things I am Grateful For: this practice of gratitude has helped me train my mind to see the good in situations. There's always something to be grateful for. Sometimes the times where you're struggling are actually the best because that means you're learning to overcome new hurdles.

Affirmations: this is one that I never thought I'd personally do but if you listen to stories of people who write down their affirmations/ life accomplishments it's pretty wild. I write down these mission statements as if they've already happen because they have, time just hasn't caught up yet. For example. if you dream of being a tech entrepreneur your affirmation is... "I am the CEO of a successful app that is in the top 10 on the App Store."

Working Out: I didn't mention it on the podcast but working out in the mornings is a serious game changer and is the single most vital part of my morning. Cardio exercise like running really helps reduce my anxiety and makes me feel like I can tackle any problem headed my way.

At the end of the day, these are things that work for me but it's still a process! Accept that you will have failures and you will have wins, but you are on a journey to improve yourself and change is not an overnight process.

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