#64 Dan Sweeney - DPS Breakdowns


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ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Dan Sweeney is a student of the grappling arts & creator of grappling breakdown videos. He shares his background in jiu-jitsu and wrestling and what led to the breakdown of videos. Check out his work at @dpsbreakdowns on Twitter, Instagram, and https://youtube.com/c/DPSBreakdowns

ABOUT WRESTLING PHILOSOPHY SHOW: Hosted by Jared Opfer (Twitter & Instagram @jaredopfer), the Wrestling Philosophy Show focuses on in-depth interviews with the wrestling community about perspectives, beliefs & techniques. Check out our friend Corner Rug Smitty for the best Corner Rugs in Wrestling. Custom patches and felt back. Email Smitty at smitty43952@gmail.com to get your tournament classed up.

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