#104 - Leonard Susskind


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Leonard Susskind is a professor of theoretical physics at Stanford University and he’s regarded as one of the fathers of string theory.
He’s written several books including: The Black Hole War, The Cosmic Landscape, and the Theoretical Minimum series.
He also has over 100 lectures on YouTube.
The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon.
0:26 - Being perceived as an outsider physicist
4:26 - The perils of becoming too mainstream
6:11 - Where his ideas come from
7:26 - Claudio asks - Do you think the graviton can be experimentally found?
10:11 - The origins of String Theory
15:41 - Why should there be a grand unified theory?
16:56 - Quantum mechanics and gravity
20:16 - Large unanswered questions in physics
27:56 - Holographic principle
38:26 - Simulation hypothesis
40:41 - Richard Feynman on philosophy
42:26 - Feynman and the bomb
46:26 - Improving the world by discovering what the world is
49:26 - ER and EPR - Black holes and entanglement
56:26 - Noah Hammer asks - Could quantum teleportation be used in the future as a means of intergalactic communication?
58:26 - rokkodigi asks - How do you think quantum theory will shape technology in the future?
1:01:56 - Why teach physics for the public?

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