100 Percent


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Tonight ... -Crazy intake of cats at work -“Let’s get into Joey Janela ...” —Starman —“F**k this guy, but ... Oh, s**t!” —Holding tag belts with X-Pac —Charisma like Trent Acid —On the phone with John Zandig —“If this is the lifestyle he’s gonna’ embrace, I’m gonna’ bury it ever fu**ing chance I get” —“He DOES have a drinking problem ...” —Highspots interview —Reaching out after the Enzo incident —“DJ was just being a creepy motherfu**er” —“I am team Joey Janela 100%” -GCW’s “Curtain Call” show —Matt Tremont ... “who lives in a fu**in’ pineapple under the sea, brotha!” —“When everyone’s chanting ‘Daddy! Daddy!’ ... it sounds like a PRIDE parade”

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