One on One with Charlie Harary-Episode 9-How to bring a Real Rebbe into your life


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Charlie Harary internationally known investor, strategic adviser and professor and motivational speaker sits down when his schedule allows with Rabbi Kivelevitz to discuss the interface of Jewish values in the greater western World and a touch of sports.

With a world in crisis,the need for solid Torah guidance in a personal way is greater than ever.

Outside of the insulated Chasidic world where having a Rebbe is an essential part of the sociological structure of the community,it is becoming rarer to find individuals and families who rely regularly on a life coach who radiates a Torah perspective.

The plethora of information and advice that is accessible on the Web seems to remove the need for having a personal Posek for many,and has enhanced the phenomenon of "Shitah Shopping",where the individual is the arbiter of the final Halachic direction which tends to be based on their own prejudices, proclivities and their egoistical sides .

Primacy of social media as the connecting tissue to others

diminishes the opportunity of face to face nuanced personal advice.

GenerationXers and millennials have been notoriously disinclined to rely on voices from the older generations.

Charlie Harary,in perhaps his most personal and passionate One on One interview to date,reveals who his Rebbe is,and how that mentor has guided his life.

Notwithstanding Charlie's oft-stated philosophy of refusing to surrender your individuality,and never stunting your growth as a person,he sounds a clarion call here for the indispensability of having a more experienced personage shaping the direction of your life.

Due to his lineage(Chasidic-Sephardi),Charlie comes to Kevod Chachamim naturally yet he begins his argument based on the principles of the Nobel Prize winning economist Daniel Kahneman that even the best intentioned individual is subject to the pressures of cognitive bias,and will routinely choose a selfish,and at times self destructive path.

"The Rebbe's input and listening can save a family on the most basic gashmius level!"Charlie says.

Clearly taken by the subject of the conversation,Charlie sketches the different roles Rebbes have played historically,differentiating between

1)the Tzaddik who has no previous relationship to you,yet you believe in,due to his saintly and holy persona-a Baal Ruach HaKodesh.

2)the Talmid Chacham extraordinaire,who is retained as a purely legal resource when a halacha is beyond your grasp

3)The person who has deeply inspired you with the quality and sagacity of the Divrei Torah he has delivered and becomes your "Rock" of decision and by extension,the family's CEO.

Rabbi Kivelevitz asks Charlie for the recipe to latch onto that some one who stirs you,especially if he is extremely sought after by others.

Charlie refers to his relationship with Kehilas Eish Kodesh and his Rebbe Rav Moshe Weinberger and explains how one should be

persistent, sharpening the point they need the input on

,to make the most of the few minutes they might have with the Rebbe.

While exhorting us to shoot for the stars in pursuing the well known charismatic leaders, Charlie encourages persons to reconsider Rebbeim they have already had,albeit in a different fashion.

Elementary school teachers whose memories still

brim with fondness for their past students,can be rediscovered as a great source of adult guidance,or as a conductor and provider of "protectzia" to get your foot in the door of a Gadol.

As Rabbi Kivelevitz puts it in this episode,"The bridges are there,the challenge is in finding them".

Charlie adds that one can't be sucked in completely by external appearances,and their Rebbe might be a clean shaven business person who lives down the block,who is a dedicated Oveid Hashem.

Finally,Charlie exhorts his listeners in fervid tones to add the finding of a Rebbe to their Tefilos with the same intensity they daven for parnassah and health and Shalom Bayis.

While mostly Charlie's megaphone,Rabbi Kivelevitz adds an important postscript.

He puts forth the ideal Baal Habayis in Rav Yisroel Salanter's conception.

One whose proficiency in learning is advanced enough to be their own posek confidently in most cases,relying on the Moreh Horaah only when

their own scholarly research has left them at an impasse.

This means,Kivelevitz claims,that the Rebbe will be called on for the whole life issues more than those that circle the Kitchen,Mikvah,and Cemetery.

Charlie adds that the Salanterian approach will upgrade the limited Halachic interaction with the Posek,and allow you to grasp more of how they think as opposed to just what to do.

Rabbi Kivelevitz responds with a brilliant interpretation he heard from Rav Aharon Soloveichick zt"l concerning the source of Moshe Rabbeinu's Karnei Hod.

According to Rav Aharon, Chazal see a Rebbe in the mold of Moshe Rabbeinu, as one who doesn't overwhelm and dictate,giving over exact language,yet leaving much unsaid.

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