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(NOTE: The following was written a few months before Jacqui Melo left the show. She would absolutely HATE what the show's become, but that doesn't mean you will!) Three young, vibrant, happening friends (all named Jackie...Sorta) discuss a variety of topics from wildly different perspectives. Do ya dig sex stuff? This show's for you. Into aliens? This show's for you. Are you a fan of TEEN MOM? Unfortunately, this show's for you. YOU DON'T KNOW JACK(ie) is produced by Jackie (Wit-4-Days) N.D., Jacqui (Rules Don't Apply) Melo, Jackie (4K) Rachel, Jackie (Just Blame Me) Brandon and, ABOVE ALL, Corey (Words cannot express how much better I am than this pod or any of the other people associated with it. Seriously. Have you listened to WORKED SHOOT? Why did I stop doing it? Why am I wasting my time on this? It's what I do. I'm Captain Time Waster. My whole life has been a gigantic waste of time. And you know what? I think I'm done. Yup...yup...I'm done. Kill me. Someone, ANYONE out there, grab a gun and put an end to this misery. I'm begging you! I IMPLORE YOU!!!) Richman. Almost forgot about James Burgess. How could I? Dude provided this podcast with that groovy music you hear at the beginning and end of each epi. Check out No Burden Musics on Facebook to listen to more of his stuff. Send mail to:

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