209: {Biz Tip Friday} Is Clubhouse the Next Big Thing?


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Are you thinking to yourself, ‘“What the heck is Clubhouse??!”

If the answer is ‘yes!’ -- don’t worry – you’re not the only one!!

Clubhouse is the newest social media platform that is getting a TON of buzz. But, it’s also only available to a small group of people right now, those that are Apple device users and who have also been invited by another Clubhouse member to join.

On today’s Biz Tip Friday, I am giving you a sneak peek into my own personal Clubhouse experience over the last week and how I’m utilizing it for my business!

My team has seen some crazy results already, so much so that I felt the need to share it with you.

Clubhouse is providing a huge opportunity for YOU right now. At the moment, there is an overflow of listeners and a small amount of creators, making it the perfect time for you to get on there and start connecting with people.

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Once you’re on the app, let’s connect!

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So, is Clubhouse the next big thing?!

While I can’t tell you if it’s the next big thing, I can tell you it is the thing right now.

It’s a HUGE opportunity for you to grow and connect with people you never would have been able to, in a way you never would have been able to.

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