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Today's youth need youth pastors, mentors, teachers, volunteers, and most of all, they need YOU! Youth Worker On Fire is designed to give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to be the best youth worker possible. Youth Worker On Fire podcast is full of valuable information from people who work with youth on a daily basis. It also is about students years later in their adult life and how student ministry, or the lack of it, effected their future. Many are are changing their world and the world at large because of the influence of youth workers in their adolescent years. Listen as they share their stories of mentoring and positively influencing adolescents in today's world. In his interview, Mark Moore, tells how his youth pastor influenced him to become a missionary in Africa and now owns a non profit that feeds the hungry and cures S.A.M's, Severe Acute Malnutrition in third world countries. This is Youth Worker On Fire!

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