Hyperlocal Air Quality Data At Unprecedented Scale w/ Robert Murphy from Aclima


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Today on You've Been Warmed we dive deep into Aclima - a San Francisco-based company that aims to build a more environmentally intelligent society. They do this by deploying region-wide sensors at scale - both mobile and stationary - which map out air quality at previously impossible scales and with much much better precision. The result is an entire range of data that can is analysed by communities, regulators and local authorities and helps back their decision making with solid, tested data.

Joining me from Aclima was their VP of Strategy and Business Development - Robert Muphy. I was impressed by how fast and concise he could explain seemingly complex topics and really put the pieces of the puzzle together in a very easy to understand way.

We discusses his background in the energy sector and what got him to work for a company that aims to tackle climate change and its effects, we explored exactly how the technology behind Aclima works, how their data can help clients and what their plans are for scaling their operations, particularly since countries like China are already severely affected by very poor air quality.


Robert's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rjmurphy/

Aclima Website - https://aclima.io/

Aclima Twitter - https://twitter.com/aclima

Aclima Careers Page - https://aclima.io/careers/

Mapping Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases on Every Block in the Bay Area - https://blog.aclima.io/mapping-air-quality-on-every-block-in-the-bay-area-2ad420092b30


3:11 - Robert's Background & How He Started Working At Aclima

6:20 - How Air Sensing Technology Has Evolved Over The Past Decade

9:02 - What Insights Does Their Data Produce?

13:49 - How Are The Sensors Deployed?

16:03 - Their Plans To Scale Their Operations This Year & Beyond

18:28 - How Do Their Mobile Stations Work

20:14 - Competitors & Mapping Air Quality in China

24:59 - Science vs Business vs Politics vs Society

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